RatBrat Zine

About RatBrat

RatBrat is a perzine by Mab Mathews published several times a year. Done as a mix of traditional cut-and-paste style zining and computer layout, RatBrat has featured writing on mental health, relationships, love, hope, and many other topics, as well as fiction and poetry. Mab aims to write about her life in a way that many readers can relate to and hopes to capture experiences, observations, thoughts, and stories that are important to her in the moment.

Issues of RatBrat are $1.00 or a zine trade.

Mab makes her home in central Pennsylvania with an array of furry, feathered, and scaled critters. She’s been making zines for six years and her other publications have included Octopus Rapids, And Still We Sleep, 24 (a collection of 24 lists of 24 things made for the 24 Hour Zine Thing in 2009), and a variety of mini zines. When she’s not making zines, she enjoys drinking coffee and tea, snuggling ferrets, penpalling, photography, absorbing knowledge, and spending time with friends.

Mab can be contacted at ratbratzine (at) yahoo.com.


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